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Check it up, I funk it up!

Everyone follow me like your life depends on it. Come on!

26 September 1989
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2d fighters, 4kids picking up khr, anime swag, arcanine. flamethrower., avatar: the last airbender, being a fighterfag, blazblue, bleach, cheesy pick up lines, chocolate? chocolate?!, date = terry bogard, dcau, dick the resident shota, did you say chocolate?, dogs: bullets & carnage, drawing, eloping to mt. silver, eyeshield 21, fighting games, game over yeah!, growlithe =/= arcanine, guilty gear, guys like tager, gyagu manga biyori, hanbei's poppin lip gloss, harvest moon, hey! get serious!, hibird evolved into hipenguin!, ishida is iori, isshin's manly chin, katekyo hitman reborn, kermit is my homeboy, kim/justice, king of fighters, michiko to hatchin, mori kicks puppies, oyakata-sama's falcon punches, pokemon, ranma 1/2, rawrgna/taokaka, rolling up a katamari, samurai champloo, sengoku basara, skateboarding and eating spaghetti, sonic the hedgehog, still dragonball z, street fighter, super manly samurai, tekken, terry brogard, the boondocks, unfitting music, violent shounen nonsense, yanderes with brother complexes, young justice animated, yukimura's guts and effort