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Hey guys. Pick a sprite lol
I'm trying to make my profile look all spiffy (and still working obviously haha) and I decided to add KOF sprites to it because bandwagon hopping is what I do and you know how much I love this series lol. Forgot to mention that it doesn't matter if you don't know the characters. If you just like how they look, then have at it xD

Anyway, if you want one, too, choose one from here 8)
K' - rikasaurus
Vice - fran 
Chris - redmoonmurder 
Ash - rise_kujikawa 
King - aledrina
MOTW Terry - vergilol
Ryo Sakazaki - voltanis 
99-02 Kyo - ittoki 
Athena - cloudxsword 
B. Jenet - kopin 
Hinako - danybel 
Chizuru - momo_susumu 
Shingo - derptacular 
Benimaru - moonherb 

In other news, I finally bought GGXX: Accent Core Plus because I've been on a GG kick lately. It's awesome, and I was surprised to see that it came with the soundtrack. I don't really need it, though. I have Galbadia Hotel lolol. I love how Slayer still remains to be a pain in the ass to fight in every remake game he's in. He's as bad as I-no, except he doesn't have projectiles that fill up most of the screen. Anyway, YEAH. My love for this series is back...not that it ever really left lol.

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IDK who any of these are, but can I have if they haven't been taken? *A*

....Was this surprising. XD
I love Slayer though. ;_; I can never beat I-no. Though, I don't think I've ever fought Slayer, so I have no idea if I could beat him either.

Shocking indeed XD

Yeah. Slayer's awesome (one of my favorite character designs, actually). He just.....URGH lol. He's not someone you'd want to fight if you play through Sol's story ; ;


I gotta be honest, all I really looked at was your icon.
And had to comment saying this.
/useless comment is useless 8D

It's okay. It's a glorious icon B)

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mmmm mai waifu

(if this is acceptable <3)

Okey dokey.

Would she be alright? x3

oooh can I get this one?

Edited at 2010-08-14 01:32 am (UTC)

8| I can't choose between Iori or Shingo.


lol tbh, I'm actually surprised no one picked Iori yet.

Whenever you make up your mind,I'm sure they'll still be available xD

Me too, actually. o3o

But I think I'm gonna go with Shingo here because... yeah. ilhim. ;~; He's my homeboy.

Alrighty. I'll go ahead and add you C:

Shingo would be the ultimate homeboy.

Sure o/

I'm going to assume you don't want the one you already have, right?

I kinda like this one better so yes

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